Toyota And Subaru

Two top brands, Toyota and Subaru, have come together to produce an electric SUV through a joint effort, and it is something to behold. They have both partnered up to create this brand new electric SUV, and it was confirmed by both automakers on Thursday. Together, these Japanese companies have come together to bring forth a compact SUV, and individual brands have access to its sales. This means that the version of this SUV would be sold by both brands as they achieve in creating not just an attractive product but one to appeal to battery electric vehicles.

Both companies are hoping this wonderful collaboration would help in promoting their strengths and increasing their outreach. The collaboration entails that Subaru would bring together the all-wheel-drive system; meanwhile, Toyota Would bring its expertise on vehicle electrification. Both companies have also assured that following its launch, the compact SUV will not just be flexible enough but will be able to give support to a complete range of both C-section and D- which go for both the SUVs and the sedans.

This isn't going to be the first time these two companies have partnered up for an amazing vehicle development as they had a partnership as far back as 2005 where they both co-developed the Toyota 86 twins which are popularly known as the deceased Scion FR-S and the Subaru BRZ. It also hasn't been long that the Crosstek hybrid was developed after Toyota got its hybrid electric vehicle tech to the Subaru's Crosstrek.

Japan's Automakers

Japan automakers might be leading in a few fronts, but Toyota beats most out by far. They are mostly looking forward to their partnership with other rival tech firms and automakers to be able to reduce its capital outlay significantly, which is from the new technology development. This is one of the reasons why Toyota announced that it would be able to supply other automakers with its hybrid technology, and this announcement was made in April. Considering this is an area which has led Toyota since it developed the Prius as far back as 1997, it is considered a huge step.

Just as Toyota has led in technologies for fuel cell vehicles as well as hybrid vehicles, it has other rivals to meet up to such as Volkswagen AG, Tesla Inc and Nissan Motor Co Ltd which are bringing completely electrical vehicles on board.

Subaru, on the other hand, is one of the smallest Japan's major automakers and so far are struggling to invest independently. They also look forward to developing low emission vehicles as well as on-demand transportation services which are viewed to be a necessity to be able to survive in the tech global auto industry.

This is why Subaru is struggling to keep up with the rapid growth which came from their forester SUV and Legacy Sedan as these got a cross over in their biggest market yet, the United States of America.

So the announcement made on Thursday tends to build more into the partnership of both Toyota and Subaru from as long as It started. So far, with Toyota being the largest shareholder, Subaru has a stake of about 16.78% on a rough estimate.


Just as the two automakers have said they would co-develop a platform which would be dedicated to the use of battery electric vehicle which would be for both mid-sized and large passenger cars, we can say we cannot wait to see it.

With Toyota's good knowledge of vehicle electrification and with Subaru's expertise on an all-wheel-drive technology, this is one collaboration we are all longing to try.

Unfortunately, we have to wait until the mid-2020s as that is when it plans to be launched in major auto markets such as the US.